Saatavilla olevat materiaalit

For widespread distribution:
(Pocket-size 48-page
Scripture-by-subject booklets)
For individual and
group study only:

(Not for widespread distribution)
HFAcover Help From Above: Designed to lead the reader to Christ and to live a victorious life. Good for evangelism and follow-up of new believers. englishmattcover A Bible Study on Matthew: Teaches simple but important truths for Christian living. (64 pages)
 hkg-sm How to Know God: Tells how to have a personal relationship with God. Designed for Muslims, but  excellent as a general evangelistic tool.  psa-sm Meditations in the Psalms: A devotional booklet using selected Psalms. (64 pages) 
 wtg-sm TIE JUMALAN LUO, hyvä kaikkeen evankeliumin työhön. 50 sivuinen, sisältää puhdasta Jumalan sanaa sekä syntisen rukouksen ja Isä meidän rukouksen. Ainoa suomenkielinen valikoimassa. bss-sm  A Basic Study of New Testament Scriptures: For use with any Bible or Testament; lists many important topics along with Scripture references dealing with them. (48 pages) 
pog-sm  The Power of God: Shows God's creative, saving, sustaining, and overcoming power. For believers and non-believers. gen-sm  A Bible Study on Genesis:
Emphasizes God's plan of salvation from creation; reveals the presence of Christ in Genesis. Includes much practical application. (112 pages) 
wai-sm  Who Am I That a King Would Die in My Place? Shows who we were made to be, what we became, where that leads us, our need for God's rescue, and what we can become by accepting God's grace. bsj-sm
A Bible Study on John: For assurance of salvation and personal growth in the Lord. Can also be used by new Christians in sharing their faith. (80 pages)
svc-sm  Satan versus CHRIST: Warns against demon worship, witchcraft, idolatry; reveals Satan's character and tactics. Offers believers victory over the enemy through the power of Christ. Good especially for areas where occult practices are followed.  rev-sm A Bible Study on Revelation:
Exalts Christ, exposes Satan, inspires faith, comforts in  persecution, and warns of false
teaching and the wrath of God. (112 pages) 
alcengcoversmall  The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ: Shows who Christ really is, why He came to earth, His miracles and teaching, His death and resurrection, and what He is doing now. Encourages a personal response. BSORcoverart  A Bible Study on Romans: Paul's masterful letter reveals God's heart for mankind and the good news of freedom and transformation for all who put their trust in Jesus. (112 pages) 
ptl-sm  Let's Praise the Lord!: Especially for Christians. Compiled as a practical tool for praising God faithfully and joyfully. smb-sm  Scripture Memory Book: Has verses to memorize, Bible readings, and illustrations. Explains salvation and victorious living. (64 pages)
 woz-sm Wings Over Zion: Especially for Jewish friends, but is good for all who are interested in Biblical prophecy relating to Israel. (64 pages)  brb-sm My Bible Reading Book: An easy way to read through the Bible. Includes pictures, a  summary of each book of the Bible, and key verses. (64 pages)